Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables| Worksheet| Class 10

Worksheet for chapter: Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 10. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.


(1) The cost of the 5kg apple and 1kg orange is Rs 200. After a month, the cost of 2 kg apple and 4 kg oranges is Rs 400. Represent the situation algebraically and geometrically.


(2) Which of the following pairs of linear equations are consistent/ inconsistent? If consistent, obtain the solution graphically:

x + y = 8

2x + 2y = 12


(3) The difference between two numbers is 36 and one number is four times the other. Find them.


(4) Solve equation by substitution method –

x + 2y = 8

5x + 6y = 60


(5) Ten years ago, Neena was twice as old as Rina. Five years later, Neena will be half as old as Sonu. How old are Neena and Sonu?


(6) Solve the equation by cross – multiplication method –

4x + 5y = 9

2x + 3y = 10


(7) Ritu can row downstream 10 km in 2 hours, and upstream 2 km in 2 hours. Find her speed or rowing in still water and the speed of the current.


(8) 4 women and 5 men can together finish an embroidery work in 6 days, while 5 women and 3 men can finish work in 1 days. Find the time taken by 1 woman alone to finish the work, and also that taken by 1 man alone.


(9) Solve the following pairs of equations by reducing them to a pair of linear equations


(10) Solve the equation by elimination method-

8x + 10 y = 12

x + 7y = 10


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