Solution 8 (Crop Production and Management)

Irrigation is the system to supply water in the fields for crops at appropriate intervals. Water is very necessary for proper growth of plants. Plants contain nearly 90% of water.

Importance of irrigation for plants:-

(i) Roots of plants absorbed water. They also absorbed minerals and fertilizers with water.

(ii)Germination of seeds cannot take place without water.

(iii)Nutrients dissolved in water get transported to the each part of the plant.

(iv) Frost and hot air current damages plant. Watering plant can prevent damage in winter and summer.  In winter water on the surface of plant convert into solid state,ie,snow. The conversion of the water from liquid state to solid state releases energy in the form of heat. This heat keeps plant warm.

In summer plants releases water due to transpiration .So, watering in summer keep plants cool.

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