Solution 10 (Crop Production and Management)

When same kind of plants are grown and cultivated at same place in large quantity, are known as crops.

Eg :- Cereals, vegetables, fruits.

Types of crop in India-

India has different climatic condition (temperature, humidity and rainfall), so it has different crops at different places in different seasons. Crops can be divided in two broad pattern based on the season. These are explained below:

(i) Kharif Crops:-

(a) It is sown in rainy season, ie, June to September.

(b) Name of Kharif crops – Paddy, maize, soyabean, groundnut, cotton etc.

(ii) Rabi Crops:-

(a)It is grown in winter season, ie, October to March.

(b) Name of the Rabi Crops:- Wheat, gram, pea, mustard, linseed etc.

(iii) Pulses and vegetables are grown during summer at many places.

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