Why Do We Fall Ill?| Worksheet| Class 9

Worksheet for chapter: Why Do We Fall Ill? is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 9. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) Find out what provisions are made by your local authority for the supply of clean drinking water?


(2) Write the differences between chronic and acute disease.


(3) Write the down the diseases spread by viruses, bacteria and worm.


(4) Now a days Corona COVID 19 is spread all over the world. Everyone is seeing towards scientists for it vaccine. Can you explain why?


(5) Why making anti – viral medicines is harder than making anti – bacterial medicines?


(6) A person is taking antibodies in viral fever. What will be your advice to him?


(7) Write down the name of the organ which get effected by the diseases given below –

Jaundice, typhoid, malaria, AIDS


(8) What is inflammation?


(9) Write the differences between organ specific and tissue specific diseases.


(10) What are the vector borne diseases and how would you prevent from them?


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Why do We Fall Ill?

NCERT Solutions Class 9

Worksheet Solutions Class 9


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