Cell – Structure and Functions| Worksheet| Class 8

Worksheet for chapter: Cell – Structure and Functions is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 8. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) Who discovered cell and what he observed in his experiment?

(2)A hen’s egg can be seen easily. Is it a cell or group of cell?

(3) What are pseudopodia? What is its use?

(4)Are the cells in an elephant larger than the cells in a rat?

(5) What is gene and what is it functions?

(6) Fill in the blanks.

(i)A ____ Is a group of similar cells performing a specific fuction.

(ii) Cell membrane is surrounded by a thick layer which is called _____.

(iii) The central round body in the centre of cell is called _____.

(7)What is vacuole? What is the difference between plant and animal vacuole?

(8) Match the item of group A with the item of group B.

Group A                                     Group B

(i) Amoeba                                                      Single celled

(ii)Gene                                                            Nucleolus

(iii)Unicellular                                                    Pseudopodia

(iv) Nucleus                                                       Parent characteristics

(9) Name the single celled organisms.

(10) Draw different shapes of the cells.

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