Soil| Worksheet Solutions| Class 7

Worksheet solutions for chapter: Soil for class 7 are provided below.

(1) What is B- horizon in soil profile?

Ans- The layer next to topsoil layer has more minerals and less humus, harder and more compact than topsoil layer is known as B-horizon. It is also called middle layer.


(2) What is the soil? Name type of soil?

Ans- Soil is formed by the processes of weathering. The processes in which rocks are break down by the action of wind, water and climate to form soil is called weathering. The mixture of rock particles, humus, living and dead organisms (bacteria, earthworm etc.) is also called the soil.The nature of soil depends upon the originator rock and the vegetation grows on it.

Types of soil are given below:

(i) Sandy soil

(ii) Clayey soil

(iii) Loamy soil


(3) What is loamy soil? Which crops are grown in this soil?

Ans- Loamy soil has small and fine particles are in equal proportion. It has humus and right water holding capacity for plant.

Cereals (Wheat and gram), lentils (masoor) and pulses are grown in this soil


(4) Which soil is useful for wheat crop?

Ans-  Loamy and clayey soil are good for wheat crop.


(5) Why air above the soil shimmer during a hot day?

Ans- It happens because of hot air evaporates the water of the soil and vapour reflects the sunlight. Hence, the air above the soil seems to shimmer.


(6) What are the climatic factors which affect the soil profile?

Ans- Wind, rainfall, temperature, light and humidity are some important climatic factors which affect the soil profile and determine te various type of vegetation and crops.


(7) Fill in the blanks:

(i) Cotton is grown in …… soil.

(ii)…….. Layer of soil is hard to dig with a spade.

(iii)The rotting dead matter in the soil is called…..


(i) Cotton is grown in loamy soil.

(ii)Bedrock layer of soil is hard to dig with a spade.

(iii)The rotting dead matter in the soil is called humus.


Choose the correct answer:

(8) Which soil has large and loosely connected together particle?

(i) Sandy soil

(ii) Clayey soil

(iii) Loamy soil

Ans- (i) Sandy soil     


(9) Which layer of soil is known as topsoil?

(i) B- horizon

(ii) Bedrock

(iii) A – horizon

Ans- (iii) A – horizon    


(10) Which soil is used for the toy making?

(i) Sandy soil

(ii) Clayey soil

Ans- (ii) Clayey soil     

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