Steps to Prevent Soil Pollution

Steps to Prevent Soil Pollution are explained.

Steps to Prevent Soil Pollution –

We should take certain steps to prevent soil pollution which are given below-

(i)We should not use polythene bags and plastics. Polythene bags and plastics kill the living organism of soil.

(ii)The waste products should be reduced.

(a) Say no to paper if it is possible. Use e- bill and e- receipts.

(b) Put animal waste in septic tanks.

(iii) Waste products and chemical should be treated before they are released into the soil.

(iv) The use of pesticide should be minimized.

(v)Reuse and recycle the used products.

(a) Reuse bath water in gardens

(b) Reuse other side of paper.

(c) Make dusters from old cloths.

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