Reproduction in Plants| Worksheet| Class 7

Worksheet for chapter: Reproduction in Plants is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 7. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) What is stamen and pistil?

(2) What is pollination? How does it take place?

(3) Show the diagrammatic presentation of Reproduction in yeast by budding.

(4) What is cross pollination?

(5) What is fragmentation?

(6) Identify the process of reproduction in given figures.

(i) | Reproduction in plants,diagram | Fragmentation in spirogyra(an alga) | NCERT | Class 7

(ii) | Reproduction in plants | Diagram | Stem-cutting of rose | NCERT | Class 7

(7) Fill in the blanks:

(i) ………. and .…………. are the parts of stamen.

(ii) In sexual reproduction a male and a female gamete fuse to form a ………

(iii) The fruit is the ripened ……...

(8) Give one example of each of given below:

Spore formation, hairy seeds, budding, cutting.

(9) What is seed dispersal? How seeds dispersed by animals?

(10) Tick (√) the correct one.

The zygote develops in to an

(i) flower



(iv) stamen


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Reproduction in Plants

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