Force and Pressure| Worksheet| Class 8

Worksheet for chapter: Force and Pressure is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 8. Solutions are provided at the end of the page

(1) Give two examples of contact force.

(2) Write two characteristics of the force.

(3) Give an example in which force changed state of motion.

(4) Identify type of force in given activities:

(i)Hair sticks to our comb.

(ii)Walk on the floor.

(iii)Pull a chair.

(iv)Cut  vegetables.

(5) A boy is ready to go for school. He opens the door and ride on the bicycle. He paddles bicycle to his school. He reached to his school and put his bag on the table and waits for his teacher.

Fill up the blanks in the given sentences which are based on the given story. Choose words from the given vocabulary.

Push, contact force

(i) To open door, he applies ——– force on the door.

(ii) Paddling of cycle is an example of —————-.

(6) Why children pushed a rubber tyre repeatedly?

(7) When boat reached near to river bank, boatman switched off boat engine and boat slowdowns. Why?

(8) Name the force acting in different activities:

(i) A carpenter puts nail in the furniture.

(ii) A housewife squeezes cloths.

(iii) Balloons stick to wall or sweaters.

(iv) Squats are done by players.

(v) Rickshaw puller is pulling rickshaw.

(9) Tearing paper is an example of

(i) Changing state of motion

(ii) Changing shape and size of the object

(iii) Changing direction of the moving object.

(10) Fill in the blanks

(i)__  is an example of non – contact force.

(ii) Force is a —- and —- on an object.

Helping Topics

Force and Laws of Motion

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