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Worksheet solutions for chapter: Motion for class 9 are provided below.

(1) Write the differences between uniform and non-uniform motion.

Ans- The difference between uniform motion and non – uniform motion are tabulated below –

SN Uniform Motion Non – Uniform Motion
1. When an object covers equal distances in equal interval of time. When an object does not cover equal distance in equal time.
2. Eg:- If an object travels 2 m in 1 sec and next 2 m again in 1 sec. Eg:- Motion in crowd.

If an object travel 2 m in 1 second then it travel 5 m in 2 second.


(2) A car starts from the rest. It attains velocity of 10 m/s. It moves 10 s. Calculate its acceleration?

Ans- Initial velocity, u = 0 m/s

Final velocity, v = 10 m/s

Time taken, t = 10 s

Let the acceleration f car = a m/s2

v = u + at

10 = 0 + a(10)

10 = 10a

a = 1 m/s2

Hence, the acceleration of the car is 1 m/s2.


(6) Calculate the distance covered by a car in velocity – time graph below-

Diagram of Question 6 of worksheet of NCERT Chapter Motion

(8) An object is moving with velocity of 100 m/s with the acceleration of 6 m/s2. It covers 50 m. What is the initial velocity?

Ans- Final velocity, v = 100 m/s

Acceleration, a = 6 m/s2

Distance cover by the object, s = 50 m

Let the initial velocity = u m/s

v2 – u2 = 2as

1002 – u2 = 2(6) 50

u2 = 10000 – 600

= 9400

u = 96.95 m/s

Hence, initial velocity of the object is 96.95 m/s.


(9) Describe velocity – time graph given below –


Diagram of Question 9(a) of worksheet of NCERT Chapter Motion


Diagram of Question 9(b) of worksheet of NCERT Chapter Motion


(a) This graph shows uniform acceleration movement of an object.

(b) This graph shows non -uniform acceleration movement of an object.


(10) An object starts from rest and attain velocity of 30 m/s in 30 second with acceleration of 1 m/s2. Then it moves 50 m in 2 second. Calculate total distance travelled by the object.

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