Motion and Time| Worksheet| Class 7

Worksheet for chapter: Motion and Time is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 7. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) Ram walked 1km in 30min.Find his speed.

(2) Write T if statement is true and write F if statement is false.

(i) Year is a unit of time.

(ii) To move faster you will have to cover more distance in less time.

(iii) Odometer is used to measure distance.

(3) Show a time distance graph for non – uniform motion.

(4) Complete the table given below-

S.N Name of the person Speed Time Distance
1. Reena 8km/h 5min
2. Ramesh 9km/h 8min

(5) Speedometer of a vehicle shows

(i) Distance of the vehicle

(ii)Speed of the vehicle

(iii) Time taken by the vehicle

(iv)Location of the vehicle

(6) Name two type of clocks which are used in the ancient time to measure time.

(7) What is the uniform motion and non- uniform motion?

(8) What is pendulum? Mark its part in the diagram.

(9) Define oscillatory motion. Give two example of it.

(10) A distance time graph is shown in figure below. Choose the correct statement related to it.

(i)Graph shows uniform motion.

(ii) Vehicle is at rest.

(iii)Graph shows non constant motion.


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