Is Matter Around us Pure?| Worksheet| Class 9

Worksheet for chapter: Is Matter Around us Pure? is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 9. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) What is concentration and give one formula to calculate it.


(2) Write differences between mixture and compound.


(3) Identify the phenomenon–

(i) Using sieve to separate tea and residue.

(ii) Getting colours from ink soluble in water.

(iii) Burning of camphor.


(4) Identify pure substances and mixture

(i) Air

(ii) Silver

(iii) Sauce

(iv) Gold

(v) Jewelry of gold

(vi) Aluminium


(5) What is solution and its parts.


(6) Rita put some water on kerosene tub. Can she separate kerosene oil and water?


(7) Name the elements which are found liquid at room temperature and which are found liquid at slightly above room temperature.


(8) Find out physical and chemical changes among the given activities.

(i) A page from note book.

(ii) Cooked vegetable

(iii) Ashes of wood

(iv) Piece of apple


(9)  Differentiate between element and compound.


(10) A solution contains 60 g of common salt in 400 g of water. Calculate the concentration in terms of mass percentage of the solution.


Helping Topics – 

Is Matter Pure Around us Pure?

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