Matter is explained.


Matter is any substance that has mass and volume.

Eg:- Air, food, stone, plants etc.

(2) Physical nature of matter-

(i) Matter is made up of particles.

Eg:-  Dissolve some salt in water.

(ii) Particles of the matter are very small.

Eg:- Dissolve 2 – 3 crystal of potassium permanganate in 100 ml water.

(3) Characteristics of particles of matter-

(i) Particles of matter have space between them. It means particles of one matter get into the spaces of particles of other matter.

Eg:- Coffee, tea, lemonade, potassium permanganate in water etc.

(ii) Particles of matter move continuously because of kinetic energy they possess. Particles of gasses and liquid move but particles of solid only vibrate because they are very close to each other. The force of attraction is highest in the particles of solid.

Eg:- (a) Fragrance of perfume spread in room by the movement of the gaseous particles. The particles of perfume settle between the space of the particles of the air.

(iii) The force between the particles which keeps them together is known as force of attraction. Therefore, particles of the matter attract each other. The strength of this force of attraction varies from one kind of matter to another.

Eg:- (a) We have to apply greater force on cutting of iron, breaking of chalk because of great force of attraction between particles of solid matter.

(4) States of Matter-

(i) Solid state

(ii) Liquid state

(iii) Gaseous state