Flood: causes of flood, precautions and consequences are explained.

Flood is an overflow of water from the nearby water sources on land which is normally dry.

Causes of flood-

(i) Above average rain causes flood.

(ii) Snow melting above average on mountain peaks can raise the water level in the rivers.

Precautions taken during the flood-

(i) Leave the place as early as possible.

(ii) Help others to reach at safe place.

(iii) Always listen News or government announcement to be aware about the weather forecast.

(iv) Do not try to walk or drive in the flood. Try to reach at upper floor and wait for government help.

Consequences of the flood-

(i) It disturbs lives of many people.

(ii) Many people die in flood because thery do not get help in time.

(iii) Cattle also suffer in flood. Many cattle die in flood.

(iv) Industries damaged as the result of flood.

(v) Damage of infrastructure as electricity, transport, health, communication, water supply affects our life.

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