Drought: causes, consequences and precautions of drought are explained.

A natural calamity of below average rain due to less precipitation is called drought. It can last for months to years.

Causes of the drought-

(i)Deforestation is the main cause of drought. Less trees leaves less moisture in the environment during photosynthesis. It leads to less precipitation which causes less rain or no rain.

(ii) Drying seasons or less or no monsoon leads drying water sources which causes droughts.

Consequences of the drought-

(i) It disturbs water cycle.

(ii) Plants and animals die because of very less water or no water.

(iii) Agriculture is also adversely affected by drought.

It is necessary to plant more trees to save living beings.

Precautions taken during the drought-

(i) Save water in kitchen in cleaning utensils and fruits and vegetables.

(ii) Save water while brushing teeth to keep tap turn off when not in use.

(iii) Save water to use washing machine with full tumbler.

(iv) Save water taking only sufficient water to drink.

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