Biodiversity: importance and causes of destruction of biodiversity are explained.

Biodiversity is the variety of plants, animals and microorganisms generally found in that area.

Importance of the biodiversity-

(i) Biodiversity balances ecosystem. There are many types of animals and plants which recycle nutrients, protect water resource, clean climate. All these activities balance ecosystem.

(ii) The plants provide biological resources which are used for medicines, wood, food, beautify the place.

(iii) These places are good for tourism and recreational purposes.

(iv) Biological resources provide materials like oil, rubber, paper, wood and food etc. for industries.

Causes of destruction of biodiversity –

(i) Deforestation leads to destruction of biodiversity.

(ii) Increasing population also causes destruction of biodiversity because we have to cut tree to meet increasing demand of land of people.

(iii) Global warming also causes destruction of many plants and animals which destroy biodiversity.

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