Pollution of Air and Water (Practice Sheet, Class 8)

(1) What is air pollution?

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(2)What steps are taken by the government to save the Taj Mahal.

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(3)What is global warming? What are effects of it?

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(4)What is potable water? How could we get safe water?

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(5)Fill in the blanks-

(i) Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and ______ are green house gases,

(ii)_______ is used in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays.

(iii) The substances which contaminated the air are called ________.

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(6) Match the items from group A to the item of group B.

Match A                                           Match B

(i) Smog                                                    trapping of radiation

(ii) Plant more trees                              1985

(iii) The Ganga Action Plan                   smoke and fog

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(7) Write “T” against true sentences and write “ F” against false sentences.

(i) The world Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) found that Ganga is one of the ten most endangered rivers I the world. ( T/ F)

(ii) Global warming can cause sea levels to low down. (T/F)

(iii) Carbon monoxide is a life saving gas.  (T/F)

(iv) Acid rain does not corrode the marble. (T/F)

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(8)How does CO2 content rise in the atmosphere and become excessive?

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(9) How can hot water from industries be a pollutant?

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(10)What will happen if we drink polluted water?

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