Multiplication with Carrying

(1) Multiplication of two digit number by one digit number


Step 1:-


Write ones of product at ones place. In given case, 30 is product.  So 0 is the ones of product.


Step 2 :-

Carry number of tens over to add in product of number at tens of multiplicand and multiplier.

In this case, 3 is the number at tens place of 30.So carry it over to add in the multiplication of 3 and 5.

Multiply number at tens, ie, 3 and multiplier, ie, 5. Add carry over number in the product.


Adding carry over number 3 in 15 = 18

Multiplication as a whole is shown below:-

Mathematics, showing multiplication of two digit by single number , carry over method.

(2) Multiplication of three digit number by two digit number


Step 1:-

First multiply multiplicand by ones of multiplier.

Multiply multiplicand 652 by number at ones place of multiplier, ie, 4 with carry over.


Step 2:-

Now multiply multiplicand by tens of multiplier.

Multiply multiplicand 652 by number at tens of multiplier, ie, 30(= 3 tens) with carry over.



Step 3 :-

Add both products to get final product.

Mathematics, showing multiplication of three digit by two digit number, Carrying method.

By applying same method, you can solve any large number of multiplications.


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