Mathematical Operation: Multiplication is explained.


(1) Multiplication is repeated addition of a number itself to a certain number of times.


Find the value of




= 5 + 5 [5 will be added twice]


But, this method is not easy in finding multiplication of large numbers.


Find the value of picture2multiplication


[6 will be added 9 times]

6 + 6 +6 +6 +6 +6+6 +6 +6 =54

To make calculations easy, we use multiplication tables.

For your convenience and learning, multiplication tables from 2 to 20 are given below:-

Table of 1               Table of 2           Table of 3             Table of 4            Table of 5       Table of 6           Table of 7             Table of 8           Table of 9          Table of 10

Table of 11          Table of 12          Table of 13          Table of 14          Table of 15       Table of 16         Table of 17          Table of 18          Table of 19          Table of 20


Use of multiplication table:-


Find the value of 6 × 9


6 × 9

To multiply it, remember table of 6 and write its product as answer.

6 × 9 = 54

(2)Multiplicand is the number which shows how many times repeated addition of the value of other number (multiplier) will be done in the multiplication. In simple words, the number which will multiply with other number is called multiplicand.

In the above example 9 is multiplicand.

(3)The number that multiplies is called multiplier.

In the above example, 6 is multiplier.

(4) The result of multiplicand and multiplier is called product.

In the above example 54 is product.

(5)When a number multiply by 0, the product will be 0.



(6)When a number is multiplied by 10, 100, 1000 etc. the product is obtained by placing as many zeros to the right of the multiplicand as the number of zeroes in the multiplier.



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