Linear Equations in Two Variables| Worksheet| Class 9

Worksheet for chapter: Linear Equations in Two Variables is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 9.

(1)Express the following linear equations in the form ax + by +c = 0 and indicate the values of a, b and c in each case:

(i) 3x + 5y = 3   (ii) 2x + 4 = 0

(2)Write two solutions for the equation 3x + 6y = 9.

(3)Find the value of k, if x = 3 and y = 1 is a solution of the equation 6x + y = k.

(4)Draw the graph of equation 4x = y.

(5) Give the equations of two lines passing through (1,7). How many more such lines are there and why?

(6) If the distance covered by a car is directly proportional to speed of the car. Express this in the form of an equation in two variables and draw a graph by taking constant time as 4 units.

(7) If the point (2,6) lies on the graph of the equation x + by = 14, find the value of b.

(8) Write each of the following as an equation in two variables:

(i) x = 5   (ii) 2y = 5

Choose correct answer

(9)A linear equation in two variables has

(i) only one solution

(ii) infinitely many solutions

(10) The graph of x = a is a straight line parallel to

(i) x – axis

(ii) y- axis

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