Direct and Inverse Proportions| Worksheet| Class 8

Worksheet for chapter: Direct and Inverse Proportions is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 8. Solutions are provided at the end of the page.

(1) Which of the following are in direct and inverse proportion?

(i) A worker and time to complete the work.

(ii) Number of pipes and time taken to fill the tank.

(iii)Speed of the train and time taken to complete the same distance.

(iv)Number of plants and area of the garden

(2)A car covers 100 km in 1 hour. How much distance will be covered by the car in 2 hours?

(3) A work is completed by 6 workers in 20 days. How many workers required to complete that work in 10 days.

(4)A machine packed 20 boxes in 5 minutes. How many boxes will be packed in 10 minutes?

(5)The food is available for the 20 cheeps for 30 days. If 5 more sheep come in the herd, how long will these food available for all sheep?

(6)If cost of the cloth is 50 Rs per meter . What will be the cost of the of 10 meter cloth?

(7)A teacher has A box of 20 pencil colours. She distributes these pencils among 4 students. How many colour pencils will be distributed among 5 students?

(8)If weight of 40 bottles are 1 kg. What will be the weight of 50 bottles?

(9) 10 craftsmen complete a work in 20 days. If 2 people left the work, how long will they complete the same work?

(10) Fill in the blanks-

(i)Two variables are called in ………………., when increase or decrease in value of one variable increases or decreases the value of other variable at the same rate.

(ii) Two variables are called in ……………., when increase in value of one variable decreases the value of other variable at the same rate.

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