Coordinate Geometry| Worksheet| Class 9

Worksheet for chapter: Coordinate Geometry is presented below. The worksheets are provided for practice and self evaluation of students of class 9.

(1) Plot coordinates (0,0), (-5, -2) on the Cartesian plane.

(2)Write the answer with the help of figure given below-

(i) Write the coordinate of point A.

(ii) Write the name of the point with coordinate (-2, 3).

(iii) Write the x coordinates of the point B.

(3) Fill in the blanks:-

(i) The y-axis coordinate is called ……

(ii) The coordinate of the origin is ……..

(iii) The coordinates of a point are of the form (+, +) lies in …. quadrant.

(4)Identify in which quadrant coordinates lie? Give reason in your support.

(8, 9), (-3, -4), (2, – 4), (-2, 6)

(5) Write abscissa and ordinate of the following coordinates

(-4, – 3), (8, 2), (4, -5), (7, 6).

(6) Your friend sends you location of his home as in following diagram.

How you will reach to his home?


Diagram of Question 6 of worksheet of NCERT Chapter Coordinate Geometry

Choose correct answers.

(7) If x  y, then

(i) (x, y)  (y, x)

(ii) (x, y) =(y, x)

(8) The coordinates of a point in the quadrant III are of form

(i) (-, -)

(ii) (+, +)

(9) x coordinates is called

(i) Ordinate

(ii) Abscissa

(iii) Origin

(10) If coordinates of a point is (0, 4), the point will lie

(i) In quadrant I

(ii) On x-axis

(iii) On y – axis


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