Materials : Metals and Non – Metals (Practice Sheet, Class 8)

(1) Which of the following are lustrous?

(i) Iron  (ii) Sulphur  (iii) Oxygen

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(2) Rita observes that red litmus paper turns blue when it is come in touch of rust suspension. What will be her conclusion about the nature of rust suspension?

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(3) Which metal we keep in kerosene and why?

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(4) Identify metals and non – metals from the following materials on the basis of ductile property.

Coal, Sulphur, Oxygen, Iron, Copper

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(5) Name the metals which are not hard but consider as metals.

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(6) Name the non – metal which we keep in water? Give reason also?

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(7) In what form magnesium is found in plants?

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(8) Where is iron found in human body?

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(9) Write uses of non – metals.

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(10) Fill in the blanks

(i) _________ is a metal found in liquid state at room temperature.

(ii) _______ breaks down in to powder on tapping with hammer.

(iii) ____________ react with acid and produce metal salt and hydrogen gas.

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Materials : Metals and non – metals

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