Introduction to Graphs (Practice Sheet, Class 8)

(1) Draw the graph with given data.

Time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Performance in math (%) 65 70 75 85


(2) Show the coordinates (0,7) and (7,0) on graph.


(3)Find the coordinates of given points with the help of graph.Introduction to graph, graph, Q 3, practice sheet, NCERT solutions, class 8


(4) Draw the graph for the following values.

Number of copies 2 4 6 8
Cost (Rs) 20 40 60 70

(i) What is the cost of 5 copies?

(ii) Is it a linear graph?


(5) Find the answers of questions from the given graph.

Introduction to graph, graph, Q 5, practice sheet, NCERT solutions, class 8

(i) distance covered in 3.5 hour.

(ii) Is graph pass from the origin?


(6) In coordinate(4, 5), 4 is a

(i) x – coordinate

(ii) y – coordinate


(7) The graph which displays data that changes continuously over period of time and points represented particular data is joined by a straight line is

(i) bar graph

(ii) line graph


(8)Draw speed – time line graph by given data.

Distance (km) 50 100 150 200
Time (hour) 1 2 3 4

Use graph to find speed in 2.5 hours?


(9) Point A is placed on graph. Find, if coordinates of the point A is (3, 4).

Support your answer with reason.

Introduction to graph, graph, Q 9, practice sheet, NCERT solutions, class 8


(10) Fill in the blanks:-

(i) A ____ graph is used to compare parts of a whole.

(ii) ____ and ____ coordinates are necessary to fix a point on the graph.

(iii) A _____ is a bar graph that shows data in intervals.


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Introduction to graphs

NCERT solutions, class 8


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