The Sound Of Music| Part II| The Shehnai Of Bismillah Khan| Words Meaning

Words meaning of chapter: The Sound Of Music, Part II, The Shehnai Of Bismillah Khan are presented below. Story along with words meaning, worksheets and NCERT Solutions for Class 9.


SN Words Meanings Meaning in Hindi
1. mastero An Italian word meaning ‘master’ in the field of music संगीताचार्य
2. pungi An musical instrument पुंगी (बीन)
3. shrill High and unpleasant sound अप्रिय आवाज
4. generic A name given to a class or group as a whole किसी समूह या वर्ग का एक नाम
5. reeded Wind instruments which have reeds (straw)like the flute, the clarinet etc. बेत आदि से बने हुए वाद्य यंत्र जिन्हें फूंक कर बजाया जाता है|
6. melodicious pleasant sound मधुर
7. auspicious lucky शुभ
8. indispensable without which a piece of work can not be done परम् आवश्यक
9. ensemble Things considered as a group कलाकारों की टुकड़ी
10. paternal Related through the father’s side of family पिता की तरफ का परिवार
11. ancestors A person from whom one is descended पूर्वज
12. Maternal uncle Mother’s brother मामा
13. apprentice A person who work for low pay to learn skill प्रशिक्षु
14. haunts A visit that you visit regularly स्थान जहाँ व्यक्ति बारबार जाता है
15. solitude The state of being alone अकेलापन
16. improvised Speak or act or create music by using your imagination अपनी सोच का प्रयोग कर के संगीत रचना या अभिनय करना
17. souvenirs Things given in memory of a place, person or event स्मृति चिन्ह
18. compositions A piece of music that has been made by someone किसी के द्वारा रचित संगीत
19. ventures Project  that often involves risk नई और जोखिम भरी परियोजना
20. Cultural heritage The qualities, and tradition of a country that have exited for a long time in a country सांस्कृतिक धरोहर
21. devout Very religious अत्यधिक धर्मनिष्ठ
22. prolonged Continuing for a long time लम्बी अवधि तक
23. funeral A ceremony of burying or burning a dead person मृतक का अंतिम संस्कार
24. mourning Great sadness felt because someone has died किसी के मरने पर दुखी होना
25. chartbuster Record breaker अत्यधिक सफलता
26. celluloid Old fashioned way of referring to films फिल्मो को कहने का पुराना तरीका
27. conferred Given ,usually an award or a degree प्रदत्त
28. coveted Much desired प्रतिष्ठित


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