The Sound Of Music| Part I| Evelyn Glennie Listens To Sound Without Hearing It| Words Meaning

Words meaning of chapter: The Sound Of Music, Part I, Evelyn Glennie Listens To Sound Without Hearing It are presented below. Story along with words meaning, worksheets and NCERT Solutions for Class 9.


SN Words Meaning Meaning in Hindi
1. jostle to push roughly भीड़ में धक्कामुक्की
2. prestigious very much


3. daunting making you feel worried about your ability to achieve something निरुत्साहित

करने वाला

4. profoundly strong अत्यधिक,


5. conceal to hide something छिपाना
6. aspiring musician a person who wants to be a musician महत्वकांक्षी


7. impaired to damage something बिगड़ना
8. pursue to try to achieve something किसी चीज को पाने की कोशिश करना
9. percussionist a player of percussion instrument in orchestra तालवादक
10. xylophone a musical instrument that consist two row of wooden bars of different lengt5h and we play this instrument by hitting wooden bars with hammers एक संगीत का यंत्र है जिसमे दो लकड़ी की पंक्तियाँ होती है जिनकी लम्बाई अलग अलग होती है उन्हें हथोड़े से मार के बजाते है|
11. discourage to make someone feel less confident निरुत्साहित
12. potential quality or ability that can be developed योग्यता
13. auditioned to give a short performance for selection in a movie, drama, show etc. किसी फिल्म, नाटक आदि में चयन के लिए कला का प्रदर्शन करना
14. solo performed alone अकेले करना
15. intriguing fascinating मोहक
16. effortlessly easily आराम से
17. beards hair on lower part of a man’s face दाड़ी
18. flawlessly without a fault or mistake दोषरहित
19. lilt a way of speaking लय
20. tingles to feel as many sharp points are pushing in to a part of the body झुनझुनी होना, गुदगुदी होना
21. resonances sound produces due to vibration of object गूंज
22. philharmonic music loving संगीत को प्यार करने वाला
23. confesses admit your mistakes अपराध को स्वीकार करना
24. workaholic a person who love to work काम करने को पसंद करने वाला
25. enormous very big बहुत बड़ा
26. concert a performance of music संगीत समारोह
27. priority Something or someone that is more urgent or important than other things प्राथमिकता
28. inspiration A person, feeling or something that makes you want to do something प्रेरणा स्त्रोत
29. accomplished highly skilled निपुण
30. demonstrated to show someone to do something प्रदर्शन
31. handicapped not able to use part of body विकलांग

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