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“The Little Girl” is written by Katherine Mansfield. It is a story of a sweet little girl, Kezia. This story is about a little girl who afraid of her father because of his strictness but later she came to know about her father’s soft and caring heart. Probably, it happens in almost every house.

Kezia used to afraid of her father. Her father always meets her before going to work.  But she felt relaxed after hearing low sound of carriage of her father.

When her father come back to home he shouted on everyone for his tea, Newspaper and for slippers. Her mother told her to take off his father’s boot. She was not comfortable to talk with father only because she had to speak words with efforts. His father told her if she will speak uncomfortably, her mother take to her to the doctor.

Kezia thought that her father is like a giant. One Sunday at afternoon her grandmother sent her to talk with parents but mother was reading and father was laying on the sofa. She sat on stool and watched him.

One day her granny told her to make a pin cushion with yellow silk piece as a gift for her father’s birthday. The little girl stitched the cloth but did not find anything to fill. Her granny was out in the garden. She went to her parent’s room and found some paper sheets on the table. She tore all sheets and stuff in pin cushion. His father shouted on everyone when he did not find papers which were his speech for Port Authority. After knowing the truth, her father punished her. He beat her with a ruler. Her grandmother took Kezia in her lap.

One day she saw her neighbor Mr. Macdonald playing with his five children. Mao on his shoulder and others were hanging on to his coat pockets. She thought that he is different sort of father.

One day her mother fell ill. Her mother and grandmother went to hospital. She was alone at home with Alice, the cook in daytime. Alice was putting her to bed. Same night she saw a dream that a butcher is coming towards her with knife. She was afraid of and screamed. Her father reached to her immediately. He brought her in his bedroom. He lay down beside her. She came close to under her father’s arm and held her father’s shirt tightly.

She thought that father is little harder than grandmother. But she liked his hardness. She understood that her father can not be Mr. Macdonald because her father went to work and get tired.


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