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SN Word Meaning in English Meaning in Hindi
(1) crinkly with  many folds or lines झुर्रीदार
(2) plenty a lot बहुत अधिक
(3) attic a space just below the roof, used as a storeroom अटारी, दोछत्ती
(4) scornful something done without respect तिरस्कारपूर्ण
(5) The County Inspector A person who can repair computer कम्पुटर को ठीक करने वाला
(6) slot A given space,time or position निरधारित समय, स्थान
(7) punch code A language which can be understand by computer easily पंच कोड
(8) geared adjusted to a particular standard or level एक निश्चित स्तरपर समायोजित करना
(9) satisfactory good enough for particular need संतोषजनक
(10) patted touch somebody flat hand as a sign of care थपथपाना
(11) disappointed unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hope निराश
(12) blanked out To erase or cover something so that it cannot be seen or read खाली हो जाना
(13) century a period of 100 years 100 साल
(14) loftily in a superior way गौरवशाली ढंग से
(15) regular normal आमतौर से पाया जाने वाला
(16) betcha I bet you, I am sure आश्वस्त होना
(17) screamed make a loud sound चिल्लाना
(18) nonchalantly not showing much interest उदासीनता से
(19) tucked to put something in a particular place to keep it safe or hidden किसी चीज को दबाना
(20) beneath under someone or something नीचे की ओर


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