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The Fun They Had

“The Fun They Had” is a very interesting story written by Isaac Asimov.

It is story of 22th century. It is a story about future when there will be no school like now but students can study through virtual classes by robotic teachers.

There are two main characters in this story. One is Margie, an eleven year old girl, who wrote diary. Other is Tommy, a thirteen year boy who lives in her neighbourhood. Both live in 22nd century.

Margie wrote in her diary, dated 17 May 2157 that Tommy, her neighbour found a real book of papers. Margie’s has listened about this type of paper book from her grandfather. He told her that his grandfather told him in his childhood that in his grandfather’s time stories was written on yellow and crinkly paper. The words used to be still on the paper whether you change paper or not.

Tommy and Margie read the book and find funny to read still words because they have telebooks and words move on telebooks. Both do not like these old paper books as we can threw them after finishing it. But they can store many books on television sets or on computers.

They again started reading book which Tommy found in his attic. The book is about school of old days. Margie does not like word school because she is not performing well in her geographic sector test given by her mechanical teacher. Then her mother called the County Inspector. He is a small man with red face. He came with his tool box.

The county Inspector opened the computer and started his work.  Margie wished that the County Inspector could not put it together again. But he repaired it. She does not like big, ugly screen of computer where she saw lessons and answers. But she hated the most that slot of mechanical teacher where she has to submit her homework and test papers. She has to write in punch code which she has learned when she was six years old.

The inspector told Mrs Jones nothing to worry. She was not performing well because machine was geared at a higher level. But now I have adjusted it at ten year level. But, her performance is good.

Tommy told her that the old schools had teachers but not like ours. They are man teachers not mechanical teachers like ours. These man teachers taught students, asked questions and gave homework. Margie was surprised at it and said that she could not allow any stranger at home for study. Tommy told her that in those days they have separate building for school where teachers and students went to school where students of same age learn same thing.

Margie was very surprised to know it because her mother told her that teacher has to adjust according to the mind of learner. They continued reading the paper book. Meanwhile her mother Mrs Jones called Tommy and Margie for their school.

Tommy went to his home with book and Margie went to her schoolroom which is next to her bedroom. A mechanical teacher used to online for her except Saturday and Sunday. Her mechanical teacher start arithmetic lesson. But she was thinking of old school where students come from neighbourhood to learn, play and went to home together. They learn same thing sothat they can help each other. She was thinking that The Fun They Had.


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