Rain On The Roof| Worksheet Solutions| Class 9

Worksheet solutions for chapter: Rain On The Roof for class 9 are provided below.


(1) Who is the poet of “Rain On The Roof”?

Ans- Coates kinney is the poet of “Rain On The Roof”?


(2) How did sadness of darkness break?

Ans- Sadness of darkness was broken by sound of rain.


(3) What is poet doing at home in rain?

Ans- The poet is relaxing at home. He lay down on the bed with a pillow at his home.


(4) How did poet recollect his memory?

Ans- When he listen sound of rain on his roof. That sound echoed in his heart and he recollected his memory.


(5) Who came in his memory?

Ans – His mother came in his memory.


(6) What do the following phrases mean to you?

(i) darling dreamers –

(ii) busy being –

Ans- (i) darling dreamers – siblings

(ii) busy being – human


(7) Answers the questions reading a part of the poem.

When the humid shadows hover

Over all the starry spheres

And the melancholy darkness

Gently weeps in rainy tears,

(i) Why stars were not visible at rainy night?

(ii) How did peace of night brook?

Ans- (i) Stars are not visible at rainy night because they were covered with clouds.

(ii) Peace of night was break by the rain.


(8) Which memory is recalled by the poet?

Ans- The poet recollected memory of his childhood. His mother allowed the poet and his siblings to sleep till morning.


(9) What is your memory related to rain?

Ans- When I was in class fifth and my sister was in third standard. There was heavy rainfall which is continuously till school over. We were stuck in school. My brother came to school to took us home.


(10) Where do you like to go in rain?

Ans- I like to stay at home like poet.


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