Diversity in Living Organisms (Practice Sheet, Class 9)

(1) What is the classification given by Aristotle?

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(2) Write characteristics of fungi?

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(3) Write differences of thyllophyta and bryophyta.

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(4) What are the differences between Platyhelminthes and nematode.

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(5) Write name of classification of vertebrata?

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(6) Write differences between pisces and amphibians.

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(7) Write ‘True’ against given sentence, if sentence is right. Write ‘False’ against given sentence, if sentence is wrong.

(i) Mammals are warm – blooded animal.

(ii) Prokaryotes are multicellular.

(iii) Gymnosperms have covered seeds.

(iv) Bryophyta is called as the amphibian of the plant kingdom.

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(8) Why bryophyta is called amphibians of plantae.

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(9) Write name of kingdom and groups of given organisms.

(i) Electric ray


(iii) Amoeba

(iv) Chameleon

(v) Human

(vi) Earth worm

(vii) Scorpion

(viii) Octopus

(ix) Fern

(x)Tape worm

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(10) Write differences between monocot and dicot.

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Diversity in living organisms

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