Cell – Structure and Functions (Practice Sheet, Class 8)

(1) Who discovered cell and what he observed in his experiment?

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(2)A hen’s egg can be seen easily. Is it a cell or group of cell?

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(3) What are pseudopodia? What is its use?

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(4)Are the cells in an elephant larger than the cells in a rat?

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(5) What is gene and what is it functions?

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(6) Fill in the blanks.

(i)A ____ Is a group of similar cells performing a specific fuction.

(ii) Cell membrane is surrounded by a thick layer which is called _____.

(iii) The central round body in the centre of cell is called _____.

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(7)What is vacuole? What is the difference between plant and animal vacuole?

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(8) Match the item of group A with the item of group B.

Group A                                     Group B

(i) Amoeba                                                      Single celled

(ii)Gene                                                            Nucleolus

(iii)Unicellular                                                    Pseudopodia

(iv) Nucleus                                                       Parent characteristics

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(9) Name the single celled organisms.

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(10) Draw different shapes of the cells.

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Cell – Structure and Functions

NCERT solutions, class 8


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